concept of Lucia and her team

I would like to show you the concept of Lucia and her team of my personal project after working on it for several months.
The story keep changing (of course :D) from the last one year, so I spent tons of time on it to make everything correct.

Now I can spend all my time one drawing illustrations and side concept, hope you will like them. Thanks.

Special thanks for : Lucia
and Shawn

Kan liu 666k 0lucia design

Lucia, I changed a lot from last year concept and previous ones, because of the story changes.

Kan liu 666k 0thera design

Thera is the most different one, I redesign the whole character.

Kan liu 666k 2lynx design

Lynx is pretty similar to OG one.

Kan liu 666k 3woody design

I change Woody to a real cat. I design her as a gril with a cat toy but now I would like to draw her a real cat, Woody is my cat in real live BTW.

Kan liu 666k 61